Tips For Summer Lawn Care

Tips For Summer Lawn Care

Summer is on the way! This is great for us but your lawn may be a bit worried. Extreme conditions found in the summer months can be very harmful to a health lawn. In this article, we will briefly discuss some of the dangers and some helpful tips for summer lawn care.

The Effects Of Summer On Your Lawn

Summertime is the time of year that we like to spend outdoors. This means that there is also a lot more traffic in the green areas of your home or office. This activity can quickly create bald spots, shredded grass, and trampled grass areas in some of the most common areas of your lawn.

How To Prevent Damage

One of our tips for summer lawn care is to avoid putting outdoor furniture or kiddie pools, etc., in areas of your lawn for extended periods of time. Such obstructions will prevent water, air, and yes, needed sunlight, from reaching your grass.

Another of our tips for summer lawn care is to use your sprinkler wisely. Remember to use your sprinklers at least twice per week according to heat conditions. Use your sprinklers in the morning hours to maximize the water they consume and never water at night.

The last of our tips for summer lawn care is to use sod to cover patches of dirt that may appear during summer months. Such areas of dirt develop in extreme heat and can grow at an exponential rate. Use a piece of sod to cover a small dirt area before it has a chance to grow!

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