Winter Tips for February

A Few Tips for Winter

When is the best time to prepare for a healthy lawn? Maintaining a healthy lawn is not something done only when there is warm weather. You should perform a bit of winter maintenance as well! Revive Landscaping and Design is your expert for lawn care planning and maintenance and we can help you to analyze the best practices for your lawn.

Performing maintenance on your lawn does not have to be difficult, but the most logical approach to lawn care is one where you share the responsibilities with trained professionals in expert lawn care. Revive Landscaping and Design can help you with your lawn care needs and we can do so at affordable price points. All lawns are different and we will be happy to assess what maintenance tasks and schedule will be best for your lawn. Contact us today for a FREE on-site quote.

Apply Pre-emergents

The month of February is a great time to apply pre-emergents. Pre-emergents help in preventing the emergence or sprouting of weeds that occur at this time of year. Do this now so you won’t have to deal with them in the spring!

Be Careful with ‘Warm-season’ Lawns

It is best not fertilize or aerate warm-seasons lawns at this time of the year. Warm-season lawns include Zoysia, Bermuda and Centipede varieties of grass. Fertilizing or aerating these types of lawns in this part of the year can actually be damaging to them later in the year.

Spring Lawn Care Tips: #3 – Overseeding

If your lawn has bare patches due to high traffic, dog spots, etc., overseeding may be the solution. Though spring isn’t the preferred time of year for overseeding, it may help in specific areas of your lawn to overseed early. If you have bare patches in your lawn, let us have a look to see if overseeding those areas is best for you.

Fescue Lawns

Established fescue lawns can be fertilized, aerated, and top dressed at this time without worrying about damage. In fact, light applications are recommended.

As Always, Review Your Lawn Care Strategy

What is there to know about lawn care? A lot. Each lawn is different and what works for one does not necessarily work for all. There is a long list of factors that determine the health of your lawn and though it may seem to be difficult to analyze all of these factors, a simple call to a lawn care professional will eliminate the headache. Revive Landscaping and Design can quickly develop the best lawn care strategy for your lawn.

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