Sod Installation

When is Sod Best?

Sometimes it is possible to nurse a lawn back to health, but there are times that installing fresh, new sod is the best solution. There are many benefits in having a new sod installation and we can help you to know which sod is best for your property.

Not All Sod Was Created Equal

In our initial consultation we will discuss the ‘profile’ of your lawn. There are many factors involved in accessing the profile of your lawn, including the percentage of shade, water drainage, general slope, and several others. The profile will help to determine which type of sod will best achieve the goal of having a beautiful and healthy lawn.

The Best Options

We will take the time to explain to you what type of lawn you have, your lawn’s general profile, and then we will explain the best options that will apply to your goals for having a lush and enjoyable lawn.

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