Top 5 Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring Lawn Care Tips – Top 5

When talking about spring lawn care tips, let’s first get the bad news out of the way. If you neglect your lawn in the spring, you can very well pay for it the remainder of the year. Springtime is the time of growth and proper planning in the spring will serve you for the rest of the year. Revive Landscaping and Design is your expert for lawn care planning and maintenance.

Performing maintenance on your lawn does not have to be such a chore, but a logical approach to lawn care is one where you share the responsibilities with trained professionals who know more about lawn care than most. Revive Landscaping and Design can help you with your lawn care needs and we can do so at an affordable price point. All lawns are different and we will be happy to assess what maintenance tasks and schedule will be best for your lawn. Contact us today for a FREE on-site quote.

The following are some spring lawn care tips that you can easily perform. These actions along with support from a professional lawn care maintenance team will make your lawn the very best that it can be.

Spring Lawn Care Tips: #1 – Raking

Raking should be your very first task as spring approaches. Fall raking got rid of dead leaves, but spring raking also helps to control thatch. More than 1/2 of thatch build-up is excessive. We recommend that you rake deeply to help loosen thatch so that your lawn can breathe better and receive rich nutrients that are abundant in spring.

Spring Lawn Care Tips: #2 – Check for Compaction

If you lawn experiences areas of high traffic throughout fall and winter, chances are that you have issues with dense soil compaction. The presence of moss is a sign that you have dense soil compaction issues. If you see signs of compaction, contact us to analyze your lawn for a solution. Oftentimes, aeration will eliminate compaction issues.

Spring Lawn Care Tips: #3 – Overseeding

If your lawn has bare patches due to high traffic, dog spots, etc., overseeding may be the solution. Though spring isn’t the preferred time of year for overseeding, it may help in specific areas of your lawn to overseed early. If you have bare patches in your lawn, let us have a look to see if overseeding those areas is best for you.

Spring Lawn Care Tips: #4 – Pruning

In the spring, we must prune trees or shrubs that have been damaged by winter storms. Pruning roses as soon as buds begin to swell is a great practice as well. If you need advice about the proper way to prune trees, shrubs, and flowers, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Spring Lawn Care Tips: #5 – Review Your Lawn Care Strategy

What is there to know about lawn care? A lot. Each lawn is different and what works for one does not necessarily work for all. There is a long list of factors that determine the health of your lawn and though it may seem to be difficult to analyze all of these factors, a simple call to a lawn care professional will eliminate the headache. Revive Landscaping and Design can quickly develop the best lawn care strategy for your lawn.

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