5 Tips For Having A Gorgeous Lawn

5 Tips To Having A Gorgeous Lawn

How many times have you been driving in your car, viewing brown lawn after brown lawn, and then there is a lawn that is a deep emerald green. It really stands out, doesn’t it? You may wonder how in the world that lawn is so green and healthy. You may think that the owner of that lawn spends 18 hours a day and a LOT of money to keep his lawn in such condition, but neither of those points have to be true. Revive Landscaping and Design knows the best ways for you to have a great yard and here are our 5 tips for having a gorgeous lawn.

Tip #1: Good Soil Really Helps

The first of 5 tips to having a gorgeous lawn is to learn a bit about the soil in your yard. It makes sense that poor soil will not support the growth of grass, flowers, or trees. The PH levels of your soil are important to its health. In addition, ridding of weeds and other unwanted soil-parasites will increase the quality of soil. Too much water or too little water also affects the quality of your soil. And so, having a balance is truly important to the future of your gorgeous lawn. Contact us for more information on how you can improve the quality of your soil.

Tip #2: Overseeding

The second of 5 tips to having a gorgeous lawn is to utilize overseeding to improve the health of your lawn. Whether your lawn is natural growth or sod growth, overseeding will increase the density of grass in an even manner. This density will greatly help to avoid bald spots and uneven growth in your yard.

Tip #3: Mowing Height

The third of 5 tips to having a gorgeous lawn is to cut your grass at the proper height. Many people cut their lawns too short in effort to cut it less frequently, but this is very damaging to the health of their lawns. If grass is left to grow too high, it with prevent the sun, air, and nutrients from reaching the base of the lawn, increasing the chances of uneven growth. At Revive Landscaping and Design, we know that each lawn has its own requirements and we know exactly the best height to maintain your lawn on a regular basis.

Tip #4: Your Grass Is Thirsty

The fourth of 5 tips to having a gorgeous lawn is to remember to water your grass on a regular schedule. In normal summer conditions, it is advisable to water your lawn at least 2 times per week, and to do so in the early morning hours. Water until approximately six inches of soil is moist. In this way, your lawn will enjoy regular cycles of growth.

Tip #5: Your Grass Needs To Breathe

The last of 5 tips to having a gorgeous lawn is to understand that your grass needs an ample supply of air to survive. The process of aeration puts small holes throughout your lawn which allow air and nutrients to all areas of your lawn. This is especially helpful where there are dense areas of grass. Aeration is a simple process and one that Revive Landscaping and Design performs on many lawns on a regular basis.

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