Watering the Lawn – When Is The Best Time?

Watering The Lawn

Watering the lawn is a critical part of lawn maintenance. A lawn that suffers a drought can quickly die and you can lose years of hard work. A common question that we receive is, “When is it best to water my lawn?” We have the answer.

The Morning Is Best

Watering the lawn is best done in the early morning because the air is cooler and strong winds that blow away droplets are not likely. We recommend watering between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m. for the best results. As morning temperatures rise, water has a tendency to seep into the dry ground which in turn reaches the root system. This is exactly what your grass needs!

Avoid Watering In The Evening

In the late afternoon or evening hours, humidity levels are typically higher. Watering at these hours can be quite a detriment for your lawn. The water may accumulate on the grass for the duration of the night greatly increasing the chances of fungal growth. Aside of mowing grass too short, watering the lawn at night is about the worst thing that you can do for your lawn. Just-don’t-do-it!

How Much Is Enough?

It is best to water well enough to seep six inches into the ground. In the first watering, it is best to check how far down the moisture is reaching about every 15 minutes. Every lawn is different and depending on the landscape and type of grass you have, this may take more or less time. Checking every 15 minutes will ensure that you are properly watering your lawn.

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